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Art Needs No Justification, Hans Rookmaaker.


Rookmaaker was a professor or Art History and a good friend of Schaeffer, and is one of the most important voices regarding a Reformed theology of art. If you want to read one Rookmaaker book which gets at the essence of what he had to say, read this one (if you can find it). It’s a tiny book (60 pages) in which Rookmaaker outlines his theology of Art. It includes a historical analysis of the church’s relationship with art (voicing his frustration that the Christian artist is left to engage theologically on their own), sets out a theology of art as meaningful work, and starts to apply it in various arenas. It is a call to artistic-theological engagement which has been well headed by many parts of the church, if less so by his own stable. THE place to start thinking about theology and art, especially if you are part of a more conservative church culture.

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  1. 07/11/2009 12:14 pm

    I love Rookemaaker, and it was he who inspired me to start thinking theologically about my own art. I am writing a dissertation on a theology of art currently, but have been advised to not use Rookemaaker – probably because there is no index or bibliography. All the same, not one to be missed!

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