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Welcome to the on-line home of Freeform. We are a group of Christ-following artists who are trying to create a community of like-minded people who want to engage creatively, sensitively and intelligently with all matters of faith, life and the arts.

The ‘Vision’ tab has a more detailed description of what we’re trying to do, why and how etc.

Apologies if this site doesn’t look or feel as professional as it should – we have rather limited resources at present. Offers to build us a brand and a website would be gratefully received…

We are also on Facebook. Note that this is the Facebook Group, not the Facebook Page (which we are mothballing…), so please become a ‘member’ of the ‘Group’, even if you previously ‘liked’ the ‘Page’…

Any comments or questions – get in touch with Jez, either by email or phone (07712 578184).